RumFlavoured RumHoxton Banana Rum 50cl + 2 Free Hoxton Glasses
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Hoxton Banana Rum 50cl + 2 Free Hoxton Glasses

Type: Rum
Size: 50cl
ABV: 40%

When you think of Hoxton you probably think of Gin, well no more just Gin for them.... They have ventured out and created this, their exquisite Banana Rum which is produced by taking Rums from Barbados, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua and infusing both Dried and Ripe Bananas for a minimum of 5 weeks.

This combination of blending these all together creates a Rum which is perfect poured over Ice to sip all day long! What you'll expect is flavours of Classic Juicy Rum which is shortly followed by Sweet Banana notes and then finished off with hints of Exotic Fruits!