RumDark RumChairmans Forgotten Cask Rum 70cl

Chairmans Forgotten Cask Rum 70cl

Type: Rum
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%
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The story of this little tipple dates back to the year 2007 on the 2nd of May when an unfortunate incident caused many of the St Lucian Distillery storage buildings to be burned down.... please take a moment to bow your head to the fallen Rum.

From this the distillers had to find anywhere and everywhere to store much of their Rum and in turn forgot where many of these casks were stored and have begun to find them.

Thankfully they have found them and the Rum is just simply fantastic!

Dark and Rich at the forefront with plenty of Spices running throughout before notes of a Sweet Syrup and Toffee infusion comes through and some Dry Fruit finish.