Premium Premixed PoursCigar and Coffee Manhattan 10cl

Cigar and Coffee Manhattan 10cl

Type: Premium Premixed Pours
Size: 10cl
ABV: 32%
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When you think of pre-mixed cocktails with a variety of flavours.... you should think of Aske Stephenson's team who create their drinks with such simplicity but with amazing flavours.

For this pre-mixed Cocktail they have taken three different components, Cocktails, Coffee and Cigars. These combination is based on the Manhattan recipe and is made with Rye Whisky, Sweet Vermouth and bitters but the real flavours come from the Coffee Bitters and the Cognac which has plenty of Tobacco notes within.

The resulting flavours of this is a Rye and Tobacco infused body with an undertone of Roasted Coffee beans and a hint of Milk Chocolate and Cream.