Low and No AlcoholThree Spirit 0% 50cl

Three Spirit 0% 50cl

Type: Non-Alcoholic
Size: 50cl
ABV: 0%
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Non-alcoholic Spirits are becoming ever more popular amongst everyone in the world and the people at Three Spirit along with their resident Botanical Alchemist have created one that is quite simply like no other!

Three Spirit have done so by eventually settling on 11 botanical's, each being plant based! Each botanical is sourced from around the world, and these include: Lions Mane (not an actual Lions Mane), Cacao and Yerba Mate. 

The team at Three Spirits have described this as a 'Synergistic experience' which ultimately allows you to connect deeper to your surroundings. All we know is that it has Wonderful Sweet Banana flavours coming throughout along with hints of Coffee and Chocolate! Cracking Job!