Low & No AlcoholScavi & Ray 0% Alcohol Prosecco 75cl

Scavi & Ray 0% Alcohol Prosecco 75cl

Type: Non-Alcoholic
Size: 75cl

Scavi & Ray Prosecco is 0%, designed for those of you looking to have a drink whilst not actually drinking anything alcohol for whatever reason that may be, meaning you'll still be in the celebration. 

Opening up the bottle you'll still get the usual BANG that comes from prosecco, and the aromas that still have that party like feel. Then comes the Wonderful Tangy and Sparkly Fruitiness that you would expect in the flavours just without that hangover in the morning! 

So you get all of that Amazing Prosecco feel, whilst still being able to have a drink and its only 33 calories for a 125ml glass, what more could you want this weekend, or Monday.... or Tuesday.... or any day for that matter!