LiqueursOthersEmpirical Spirits Fallen Pony Blend 50cl

Empirical Spirits Fallen Pony Blend 50cl

Type: Liqueur
Size: 50cl
ABV: 35%
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Empirical Spirits located in Denamrk bring us all kinds of wonderful Spirits and this Fallen Pony Blend is yet another great (although unusual) addition to that range.

To begin with they take a Vacuum distilled Koji and Saison-yeast Fermented Barley Wash and then infuse this with a Distilled Quince Kombucha Tea. Once this has been done they then add undistilled Kombucha to the mix to bring it down to a still rather strong 35% ABV.

This is a very multiple purpose Spirit which mixes great in lots of Cocktails and drinks or is fantastic served over Ice with a tonic. The flavours you can come to expect on its own are Sweet Peaches and obviously Spicy Herbaceous Tea.