LiqueursFruit LiqueurGabriel Boudier Triple Sec 50cl

Gabriel Boudier Triple Sec 50cl

Type: Liqueur
Size: 50cl
ABV: 38%
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Since the very beginning, Gabriel Boudier established a reputation for the distillation of citrus fruits and in particular, the Curaçao orange, which on account of its bitterness and orange notes enables us to obtain a liqueur which is the basis for numerous cocktails.

The tiny Curaçao oranges with their highly aromatic skins have their zest removed and are then distilled in our 170year old alambic stills. They are then aged in our lofts in glass demijohns for several months before a small amount of sugar is added. It is renowned for its aroma, the characteristic bitterness and elegant flavours of this particular type of orange.