WinePort & Fortified WineD'Oliveiras 5yr Medium Sweet Madeira 37.5cl

D'Oliveiras 5yr Medium Sweet Madeira 37.5cl

Type: Madeira
Size: 37.5cl
ABV: 19%
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Madeira is a fortified wine from the Portuguese Island of Madeira (appropriately named). Unlike its better known mainland sibling Port, Madeira wine comes in all styles from dry through to sweet.

This is a medium-sweet wine, which has been produced  by 'Estufagem' a heating process where the wine is held at 40 degrees for  six months before being cask aged.

Madeira wine does not deteriorate once opened and so is an ideal by the glass serve. This 5 year old wine is a great example of a relatively young wine of high quality. The sweetness is beautifully balanced by the acidity that cleans the palate, making it a fantastic digestive.

For this particular expression you can expect Rich Peachy nose and fine multiple layers of Butterscotch and Candied Peel, with a Smooth, clean finish.