GinSloe Gin and GeneverPortobello Road Sloeberry & Blackcurrant Gin 70cl

Portobello Road Sloeberry & Blackcurrant Gin 70cl

Type: Sloe
Size: 70cl
ABV: 28%
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From the Portobello Road team comes their Barrel Aged Sloe Gin, starting it's humble beginnings as their very own London Dry Gin before a combination of Burgundy Sloe Berries,  French Blackcurrant Liqueur, Italian Cherry Liqueur and some Sugar are all added into the mix.

It doesn't stop there, the mixture is then aged inside Whisky Barrels before being bottled, creating a wonderfully Tarty and Sweet forward Sloe Gin with Juniper coming in to cut through and balance out the Cherry and Blackcurrant notes.