GinGinWessex Gin 70cl

Wessex Gin 70cl

Type: London Dry
Size: 70cl
ABV: 41.3%
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This Gin is brought to us by Wessex Distillery (if you didn't figure out from the name) and has been nicknamed 'Alfred the Great' who was King of the Anglo-Saxons. 

This is a London dry gin with an initial thump of piney juniper, enlightening coriander and citrus end notes. The Wessex twist bought to this gin is the chervil, with its faintly aniseed flavour, it was believed in Anglo-Saxon times to "strengthen the stomach" when mixed with honey and a freshly ground poppy.

Tasting notes:

A touch of aniseed and a whole lot of juniper, followed by a good helping of citrus peel, a drizzle of honey and a delicate floral undertone.