GinGinWarner's Raspberry Gin 70cl

Warner's Raspberry Gin 70cl

Type: Flavoured
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%

If we mentioned the name Warner's to you, you'd most likely go straight to the Gin producers who are known for creating Delightful tipples, and this their Raspberry version is just another great addition to that range.

This expression is made using a Fresh Raspberries, Blackberries and Hand-Picked Hedgerow Elderflower, which totals a whole third of the bottle, which creates an Exquisitely flavoursome Gin!

The result is a Gin which is Bursting with Juicy Raspberry Jam notes throughout, with veins of Blackberry Tartiness and Juniper all infused with just a touch of the Refreshing Elderflower!