GinGinThunderflower Gin 70cl

Thunderflower Gin 70cl

Type: Gin
Size: 70cl
ABV: 42%

This exciting little tipple is a London Dry Gin which comes to us from Devon and is made using a selection of 11 different botanicals. Some of the more traditional botanicals that go into this Gin are Juniper (obviously), Cardamom, Cassia and Pink Peppercorn with Elderflower being the particularly Fruitier of the bunch.

This Gin takes its name from the little White Flowers that grow on thatched roofs, which is a rather intriguing choice, but once you try it we're sure you'll agree that you soon forget because of how tasty the Gin is!

This Gin has Wonderful notes of Vegetal Earthiness to begin which is shortly followed by the Juicy Elderflower and Spiced Cassia infusion before finishing of with a good helping of Juniper!