GinGinThe Wrecking Coast Scurvy Gin 70cl

The Wrecking Coast Scurvy Gin 70cl

Type: Navy Strength
Size: 70cl
ABV: 57%

The Wrecking Coast distillery first launched this Scurvy Gin in 2018 and this is their Navy Strength edition Gin. To create this Gin they only use 9 botanicals and if you hadn't guessed from the name many of the revolve around the prevention of Scurvy.

Scurvy is a disease which many sailors use to gain whilst travelling the Sea and was caused due to a lack of Vitamin C, and was found to be simply prevented by the increase intake of Citrus fruits mainly Limes! 

Taking this into account the folks at the Wrecking Coast produce this Gin using many Citrus based botanicals with the main one being of course Lime Peel.

The resulting flavours are strong notes of Pink Peppercorns along with bursts of the Orange and Lime coming from the Peels used in production and just a hint of Earthy Coriander to finish off!