GinSloe Gin and GeneverThe Wrecking Coast Honey Sloe Gin 50cl

The Wrecking Coast Honey Sloe Gin 50cl

Type: Gin
Size: 50cl
ABV: 34.5%
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The Cornish founded Wrecking Coast distillery ensure all of their Gins are of top quality and this is just another addition to their wonderful range.

This expression is their version of a Sloe Gin, and what a delightful treat this is. They take a huge helping of freshly picked Cornish Sloe berries and press this into their Gin along with a good helping of Cornish Honey infused in. 

The resulting flavour of this infusion is a Sweet and Jammy body with obvious notes of the Sloes and hints of the Honey and just a touch of Citrus to finish off.