GinGinMcqueen and The Violet Fog Gin 70cl

Mcqueen and The Violet Fog Gin 70cl

Type: London Dry
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%

McQueen and The Violet Fog is distilled and bottled in the hills of Jundiai, Brazil, thousands of miles away from the UK-Centric traditional gin world. It’s like nothing you've seen or tasted before distilled with 21 botanicals handpicked from all over the world.

There are 21 botanicals and six of them are 'Signature' botanicals that are rarely found in gin.

- Basil Leaves - Handpicked in India and called 'The king of herbs'

- Rosemary - This sweet, fragrant botanical comes from Portugal 

- Fennel Seed - Grown in the Mediterranean.

- Calamansi - An Exotic citrus fruit from the south pacific

- Star Anise - Native to Vietnam, this star shaped fruit balances the light.

- Acai - Locally grown in Brazil, it has a sweet blackberry like taste.