GinGinKWV Cruxland Gin 70cl

KWV Cruxland Gin 70cl

Type: London Dry
Size: 70cl
ABV: 43%

Cruxland Gin is brought to us by the South African KWV team, most commonly known for their range of Brandies.... until now!

They have ventured into the world of Gin, using a combination of 8 Botanical's with the main one coming in the form of the Kalahari Truffle! 

All of the other 7 Botanical's are distilled together with the Grape Base Spirit, whilst the Kalahari Truffle is distilled separately before being mixed in with the rest.

The result is an Earth Spice infused with Tarty Juniper and a Citrus Sweet undertone before more Spice from the Cardamom to finish.