GinGinJaffa Cake Gin 70cl

Jaffa Cake Gin 70cl

Type: Flavoured
Size: 70cl
ABV: 42%

When you think of Jaffa Cakes, you probably think of that tasty little treat that you enjoy maybe with a Cup of Coffee or Tea, and if that was your first thought when you read the name of this Gin, then you'd be absolutely right.

Yes that's right, someone has only gonna and taken those delightful little bundles of Joy and used them as a Botanical in this exquisite Gin, alongside Orange, Fresh Orange Peel and Cocoa Powder!

The bottle states that arguably this Gin helps to create the best Negroni in the world, but we believe this is all based on personal preference.

However this tipple is bursting with Juicy Sweet Orange notes throughout with underlying chocolate flavours, just like a, well.... Jaffa Cake! Alongside hints of Juniper, this Gin is well balanced and not overpowering with Sweetness, a job well done if you ask us!