GinGinHayman's Small Gin 20cl

Hayman's Small Gin 20cl

Type: London Dry
Size: 20cl
ABV: 43%

This release from the Hayman's team is made a relatively normal ABV of 43%, however it is so packed full of Botanical flavours that only a 5ml measure is required to gain the same experience  as a normal G&T. 

The idea behind this Gin is to reduce the amount consumed by 80% making it easier to have a drink without actually having too much, and not losing out on any flavours. 

To help out with this, they even give a 5ml Thimble measure to help you ensure you don't use too much!

This Gin is Packed full of Juniper notes mixed with hints of Citrus Peel and a good helping of Coriander Spice.