GinGinDr Squid Gin 70cl
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Dr Squid Gin 70cl

Type: Weird and Wonderful Flavoured
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%

The guys at Pocketful of Stones Distillery have had the idea to use Squid Ink as the main ingredient in a drink for over 2 years now and have finally managed to bring this concept to life.

This secret recipe created on the Cornish coast, is made from a very small amount of real squid ink straight from the ocean on their doorstep. With an addition of Vanilla for a hint of sweetness, and sea buckthorn for a fresh tarty finish.

Like the very ink that's used to make this drink, Dr Squid Gin pours black. However when mixed with your favourite tonic it transforms into a vibrant pink colour. Each gin is served from a copper flask that is engraved with the folklore and history that surrounds the distillery.