GinGinDivine Gin 70cl

Divine Gin 70cl

Type: London Dry
Size: 70cl
ABV: 42%
Hurry, only 3 left!

This Divine Gin brought to us by the R2 Distillers.

This Gin created by Ray and Rachel is a Gin that has taken many years to perfect with countless hours spent trying new recipes until they created something they felt truly represents a perfect Gin!

The bottle design has wings upon in to represent the time in which they spent in the Royal Air Force (where they first met).

The Gin is made with Ice Valley Water which is locally sourced from Shepley and is Distilled using modern techniques before being brought to down a cool 42%. Made with a wide variety of different botanicals this Gin holds notes of a Bright Citrus and Berry infusion and then finished off with a Cool Spicy Crisp Juniper! Perfect for Sipping or as a base for Gin themed Cocktails!