GinGinCopper Republic Rooibos & Grapefruit Gin 75cl

Copper Republic Rooibos & Grapefruit Gin 75cl

Type: Flavoured Gin
Size: 75cl
ABV: 43%

African ginger root adds a quality and taste to this gin that is unmistakable, on top of earthy base notes of juniper and angelica root. Sweet South African rooibos and the fresh citrus of Cape grapefruit are a world-class combination, though a subtle hint of cardamom in this gin goes a long way to make it the superb and full-bodied offering it is.

Serve Copper Republic’s Rooibos & Grapefruit Gin with your choice of premium tonic, a wedge of fresh grapefruit and a cinnamon stick, to make the most of this drink.