Gift IdeasBathtub Gin Ultrasonic Gin & Tonic Pack

Bathtub Gin Ultrasonic Gin & Tonic Pack

Type: Gin Gift Set
Size: 70cl
ABV: 33.4%
Hurry, only 2 left!

This set brings us two of the most fantastic things and pairs them together.... Gin and Coffee! It contains a full 70cl bottle of the Bathtub Gin and a 200ml bottle of Cold Brew Coffee which when mixed together creates a 'Supersonic Gin n Tonic'! 

If you need some help on how to use these wonderful bottles then on the back on the box there are some coffee-fied recipes, we will share them on here as well just in case you throw the box away.

Ultrasonic Gin & Tonic

35ml Bathtub Gin

10ml Cold Brew Coffee

a teaspoon of honey (optional)

top with tonic water

garnish with a lemon slice


Espessoni Negroni

25ml Bathtub Gin

15ml Cold Brew Coffee

15ml Campari

20ml vermouth


Now you can drink Gin in the morning and no one will no the difference!