GinGinFaith & Sons Organic Pineapple Gin 50cl

Faith & Sons Organic Pineapple Gin 50cl

Type: Flavoured
Size: 50cl
ABV: 37.5%

This Gin is another premium release from the Faith and Sons team which uses the traditional 'one shot' process and has a Crisp and Refreshing Pineapple taste!

Extremely refreshing with obvious notes of Fresh Juicy Pineapple with hints of Juniper! Simply delightful!

Pineapple and Coconut Collins:

50ml Faith & Sons Pineapple Gin

15ml Lime Juice

20ml Coconut Cream

Pineapple Chunks and Soda Water to lengthen

Gently muddle the pineapple chunks inside the Collins glass, add crushed ice together with the rest of the ingredients, and then churn the contents of the glass with a bar spoon before finally garnishing with a banana leaf and a dehydrated pineapple slice.