Gift IdeasDuvel Belgian Golden Ale Gift Pack 2x330ml

Duvel Belgian Golden Ale Gift Pack 2x330ml

Type: Gift Set Gift Box Beer
Size: 2x330ml
ABV: 8.5% 9.5%
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The unique brewing process, which takes about 90 days, guarantees a pronounced effervescence and a reassuring sweet taste. 

This is a beer with real depth; and its high alcohol content (8.5 % ABV), purity of flavour and silky smooth mouthfeel, make Duvel stand out clearly from other beers.

In 2016, after 9 years of experimenting with a wide variety of third hops to add to the Styrian Goldings and Saaz in Duvel, the brewers asked more than 5,000 fans to vote for their favourite ‘Tripel’ hop, and Citra was the winner. Duvel Tripel Hop is brewed to 9.5% ABV, and ‘dry hopped’ with extra hop cones added later in the brewing process. This intensifies and refines the hop aromas in the finished beer.  The aromatic third hop, Citra, is grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington and enriches the flavour palate with hints of grapefruit and tropical fruit.

Recommended serve:

Duvel is a live bottle-conditioned ale, so it has yeast at the foot of the bottle. To enjoy Duvel clear and without the yeast, keep the bottle upright in the fridge up until the serve, and pour slowly, leaving 1cm in the bottle.

Or for a slight yeast haze in the glass, which is excellent with spicier foods, add the yeast from the bottom.

For either option, pour at a 45° angle into the Duvel glass and straighten up towards the end: there should be a substantial, billowing head.