Gift IdeasChouffe Belgian Strong Ale Gift Pack 4x330ml

Chouffe Belgian Strong Ale Gift Pack 4x330ml

Type: Gift Set Gift Box Beer
Size: 4x330ml
ABV: 8% 9% 6%
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La Chouffe (8% abv): A strong blond beer from Brewery Achouffe in the Ardennes, is the most popular beer in their portfolio; a thirst quenching unfiltered blond beer.  At 8% abv, this brew offers spicy aromas and fruity flavours including coriander and orange blossom, with a creamy billowing head and a herbal, peppery finish. But is it brewed by gnomes?

Chouffe Soleil (6% abv): In the legendary Valley of the Fairies, a handful of gnomes have found a way to spend the sunny days in style: with a Chouffe Soleil. This mild, refreshing, unfiltered beer reveals delicious citrus flavours, enhanced by a touch of vanilla and peppery notes. Radiant and slightly cloudy at the same time.

Cherry Chouffe (8% abv): The gnomes love the cherries that grow in their magical region. One year, the Chouffe gnomes harvested and stored cherries in the attics of the brewery. Under the weight of the fruit, the old attic beams gave way. The cherries fell into a tank of McChouffe, which was being prepared. Although he was surprised to find a beer with a radiant glow and fruity taste, the master brewer decided to barrel it. And that’s how Cherry Chouffe was born. A warm red beer with a Mc Chouffe base and juicy cherry flavours. (Mc Chouffe base is an unfiltered brown beer, and has gourmet flavours of aniseed, liquorice and caramel, with a fruity aroma, along with ruby hues, slight bitterness and strong character).

Houblon Chouffe (9% abv): The gnomes might be small, but they have very strong temperaments. With Houblon Chouffe, they have finally found a beer that reflects their roguish spirit. By drawing on the flavours of three different types of hops, this India Pale Ale is appreciated for its pronounced bitterness combined with the fruity notes that characterise the beers from Achouffe. An IPA-style unfiltered blond tripel beer. Creamy, hoppy and fullbodied, with spicy notes and a robust bitterness.

This pack does include one Chouffe branded glass, perfect for serving each bottle of the wonderful Ales!