Cognac & BrandyGrappa & Eaux De VieDelamain Tres Venerable Cognac 70cl

Delamain Tres Venerable Cognac 70cl

Type: Cognac & Brandy
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%
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This Delamain Tres Venerable is a fantastic addition to the Delamain Portfolio. It brings in Eaux-de-vies aged from a range of 45-50 yeas and even some for as much as 55 years! This can be seen within the taste of this amazing Brandy as it is mixed with some younger Eaux-de-vie and this allows more depth of flavours that will leave you thriving for more! It is a slightly Musky undertone but is short lived after a Balance of sweet Fruit and Vanilla alongside a note of Liquorice come in to join the party! An extremely impressive Cognac!