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Delamain 1988 Vintage Cognac 70cl

Type: Cognac & Brandy
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%
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When you think of high quality Cognacs you probably think of Delamain. If not then you most certainly will after you've tried this wonderful expression.

If you're a Cognac drinker then you are probably aware that most are made by using eaux-de-vie from several different Vintages and Terroirs, however Delamain like to be different. 

What does this mean? Well to put it simply, Delamain are one of very few houses in the world to produce vintage Cognacs. 

They do so by releasing one batch every year, but before releasing they ensure every detail of the Cognac is as perfect as can be, from production to taste. With 2018 being the release of their 1988 Cognac. 

This 1988 release is a 30 year expression that is very limited and will never be able to be replaced again, partly due to the fact of the small Terroir which is used, which is located in Bouteville at the heart of the Grand Champagne region.

This is a Marvelous release from the Delamain team that begins with a fresh Bouquet of aromas ranging from Apricots to Licthi to Leather and Vanilla.

Following from this taste is Smooth, Complex and Rich with Wonderful notes of Juicy Fresh Apricots which soon develop into a Soft yet refreshing Almond flavour.

This is then finished off with Rancio notes that is balanced with a subtle Acidity that lingers on the tastebuds.

Perfect for sipping and enjoying in front of the Fire!